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We have the experience, knowledge and staff to help you address your marketing needs!

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Step Logic Inc, a trusted agency partner in business for more than 10 years, works with Fortune 100 companies delivering quality products, on time, and within budget. We pride ourselves as an efficient and reliable solution provider.


Corporate Efficiency

At Step Logic we understand that inefficiency leads to loss of productivity, frustration, and financially impacts your organization. At times, the lack of system efficiency is not visible to managers handling day to day tasks.

Program Strategy

We are an advocate for change and innovation working with our clients through a straightforward approach. We are focused on strategic communication and problem solving while avoiding long processes to your projects.


Event Marketing

Our clients have relied on us to come up with unique ways to speak to their target customer through non-traditional media sources. We help to start the conversation in innovative ways. We are strategic with event solutions delivering measurable results.

Experience, knowledge, and people to help you address your marketing needs.

Step Logic