Step Logic is a trusted agency partner in business for over 15 years, working with Fortune 100 companies and delivering quality products, on time, and within budget. As a company, we pride ourselves on being an efficient and reliable solution provider.


Program Strategy

We are an advocate for change and innovation, and work with our clients through a straightforward approach. We are focused on strategic communication and problem solving while avoiding adding long processes to your projects.

Event Marketing

Our clients have relied on us to come up with unique ways to speak to their target customer through non-traditional media sources. We help to start the conversation in innovative ways. We are strategic with event solutions and deliver measurable results.

Corporate Efficiency

At Step Logic we understand that inefficiency leads to a loss of productivity, frustration, and financially impacts your organization. At times, the lack of system efficiency is not visible to managers handling day to day tasks.

Program Strategy

Examples of our Work


We help gathering information about target markets and customers. To stay competitive, brands turn to us for information to identify and analyze their market needs, market size and competition.


Employee marketing programs help drive employee engagement and it is a great way for employees to voice their opinions. We completed multiple programs on corporate campuses supported by online and social media initiatives.


As businesses strive to generate “quality” leads, the ones that have higher probability for future sales or marketing campaigns, we help to identify the sources and bring tools to accomplish the task. Online, Social Media or on the ground - We are not just generating impressions counts but provide data capture results in format of your choice.


The key factors for our programs are innovation and intelligence. We change the traditional look and approach for B2B consumer engagements igniting memorable experience and delivering measurable results.


Depending on task at hand we turn to our partners to bring the best solutions for our clients. Although majority of our work completed in-house, our agency partners are a key to success for our firm.


Sponsorship activations bring unlimited opportunities for brands to attract their target audience. We are responsible for analyzing the sponsorship opportunities, generating ideas, and bringing programs to life.

Event Marketing

We are the connective tissue that converts your strategies into measurable successful events
Our Services


  • Brand ambassadors
  • Guerrilla and street teams
  • Local staff
  • Sales reps
  • Specialty talent


  • Sweepstakes
  • Prize redemption
  • Custom packaging
  • Warehouse storage and inventory
  • Shipping and logistics


  • In-house print shop
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Trade show booth design
  • Custom event kits
  • Vehicle wrap design and install


  • Photo and video marketing
  • Data capture and online reporting
  • Landing pages development
  • QR code integration
  • Custom mobile applications


  • Creative services
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online integration
  • Gaming


  • Local market initiatives
  • Grassroots and Youth marketing
  • In-Store events
  • Trade Shows
  • Hispanic and African-American programs

Corporate Efficiency

Our online applications will replace archaic tools and will assist in making your processes more efficient
Examples of our Work


Ideal for sales and marketing teams. This application tracks individual or team performance and redeems rewards. In addition, this application allows you to reward consumers for their participation in marketing campaigns.


Built-to-Spec application helps manage assets that are allocated in different departments or markets within your business logic familiar to your employees.


This custom online application allows companies to create and manage multiple sweepstakes in-house. The application is easy to setup and is friendly to accept data entries from other online or mobile sources.


Ideal for marketing organizations. Multi-level approval online system with email notifications and file-sharing capabilities makes request submission and approval a breeze.


Ideal for vendor management. The main goal of this custom online application is to centralize service requests with integrated multi-level approval, allowing you to control budgets and time-to-market delivery.


Versatile online application brings collecting and reporting information to a different level. Present in style - from high-level executive reports to accounting data crunching – web, print, or mobile.


"Cosmopolitan Magazine has worked with Step Logic on two of our biggest signature events, and we’ve been nothing short of amazed with their results! Their innovation and professionalism has really helped make them a huge success. In particular, the interactivity of mobile squid unit definitely excited and engaged consumers. The team members were extremely accessible for all questions and last minute needs we had. We would definitely look to use Step Logic again with our future events!" - Jason Cavallo, Executive Director, COSMOPOLITAN

"I found working with Step Logic quite refreshing. At Step Logic, I saw a strategic approach to events, which brought technology, innovation and uniqueness to the forefront of all marketing plans. The approach is very solution oriented, while differentiating my company from the market place. Quite simply, Step Logic is easy to do business with for the following reasons: innovative, responsive, strategic, and always come in within budget. I know once they are hired, there is one less item I need to worry about." - Jennifer Erdman, Director Mass Advertising, AT&T

"Step Logic has cutting-edge event technology that you will not find anywhere else. I’ve worked with other event technology companies and very few have the latest in technology, coupled with expertise in strategic marketing, experiential marketing, and attendee data capture. It’s also rare to find companies that have these strengths while also providing excellent account service to their customers. I worked with several people at Step Logic, each one was helpful, and went above and beyond to assist me." - Adrienne Timberlake Producer, Archer Malmo